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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Wylie, TX

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Air conditioning maintenance is the first step toward having a more energy efficient and powerful air conditioning unit in your Wylie, TX home. Sign up for Mr. Air Repair’s maintenance program to enjoy a full AC inspection, peace of mind, and more.

  • We take pride in what we do
  • Available 24/7 for emergency services
  • Knowledgeable and friendly staff

Hiring a licensed and experienced team of HVAC contractors has never been easier. Call our hotline or click the link below to get started with our tried and tested AC maintenance program.

Contact Mr. Air Repair for robust AC maintenance on a yearly basis. Schedule your first appointment today. Family serving family!


Central AC Maintenance

You can count on us for central AC maintenance in Wylie, TX and the surrounding areas. Not only can we provide a quick inspection and maintenance appointment, but we can do it on your schedule so you’re not inconvenienced by setting up this kind of service. Call our team to get started.

Ductless AC Maintenance

Ductless systems require specialized maintenance since their components and layout differ drastically from central AC units. Don’t worry, we don’t charge more for ductless maintenance like some other companies do. We can simply provide the same ductless AC maintenance you know and love in Wylie, TX for the same price it’s always been.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Contrary to popular belief, in order for a heat pump to attain the extremely high efficiency levels customers are familiar with, it needs to be maintained at least twice a year. This can be done easily during the spring and fall, but it’s vital nonetheless.

This is because heat pumps work throughout every season, working twice as hard as a conventional AC unit or heating system. So, sign up for maintenance to get the most out of your heat pump in Wylie, TX.

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