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Is a Central AC an Outdated Choice for Cooling?

When it’s time to upgrade your existing central air conditioner, you may be wondering if another similar unit is the right choice. Is your central AC unit outdated or does it still stand up to the cooling and efficiency needs of 2024?

You can keep reading to learn more about both central air conditioners and other types of residential cooling options. Then give our team a call when you’re ready to talk more about heat pumps and central air conditioners in Wylie, TX.

All About Central Air Conditioners

Central air conditioners use refrigerant to absorb heat from inside your home and transfer it outside as a method of lowering the indoor air temperature. This is the standard method of cooling for many homes. But sometimes central air conditioners get a bad reputation for not being effective or not being energy efficient.

But as technology changes, so do central air conditioners. Modern central air conditioners are highly efficient and great at maintaining a more consistent air temperature for your home and family. If you have an older air conditioner that you’re struggling with, upgrading it to a newer model can save you on your monthly energy costs while also improving your overall comfort.

The thing about having a central air conditioner is that you also have to keep up with maintaining the attached ductwork. As the ducts age, the seals can wear down and simultaneously allow cool air to escape while also letting dust and dirt in.

Heat Pump as a Cooling Option

If you’re looking for something a little different than a central air conditioner, a heat pump is definitely the way to go. Heat pumps boast all of the same features of a central air conditioner, but they also have the added benefit of being able to provide heat. This makes a heat pump an all-in-one solution for conditioning the air in your home.

And in our area of the country, a heat pump is an excellent solution for heating. Having a heat pump eliminates the need for having a separate heating system. This can mean that you save space over having separate units. Plus, heat pumps are known to be very energy efficient, especially for heating, and are safer to operate compared to a gas or electric furnace.

Ductless Mini Splits

If your primary complaint with a central air conditioner is the attached ductwork, a ductless mini split is the way to go. A mini split is essentially a heat pump that doesn’t require any ductwork. Like a standard heat pump, it offers both heating and cooling. 

Plus, there’s no large central indoor unit, so you’re saving even more space. Of all your HVAC options, ductless mini splits are known to be among the most efficient. You could cut your energy costs by as much as half when you switch to a ductless mini split compared to any unit that has ductwork attached. They do cost more upfront to install, but the costs vs. savings can easily even out. 

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