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Mr. Air Repair’s Recommendation for Professional AC Maintenance

Aside from the steps that you take as a homeowner to care for your air conditioner, professional maintenance is the next best thing you can do for your unit. But professional maintenance isn’t just something you can do once in a while. It needs to be scheduled consistently, year after year, for the entire life of your AC. 

Maybe you’re wondering what we do during professional maintenance that’s so important. You can keep reading to learn more about the steps we take during an AC maintenance appointment and what it does for your air conditioner. Then, give our team a call when you’re ready to schedule your air conditioning service in Plano, TX.

Checking Operation

Our first step is to take a look at your air conditioner as a whole, noting anything unusual about operation. We may also ask you questions about anything you’ve seen or heard that may be out of the ordinary. We want to get a general idea of how your air conditioner is working as a whole so we can identify any smaller problems that need more of our attention.

Paying Attention to Details

If we notice anything that is a red flag, those are the first things we will look at. Examples can be bent fan blades, loose screws, or dirty coils. Once we address obvious problems, we continue methodically working through your system to check the entire unit, even when there aren’t signs of any issues.

It’s our goal to make sure that each individual component of your unit is working at its best to contribute overall to cooling. After all, the smallest problem can put strain on the rest of your air conditioner and result in other components having to work harder to produce cooling results.

Offering Tips

We also want to be your partner in every aspect of taking care of your air conditioner. We may ask you about your cooling habits and how you maintain your air conditioner. This can help us understand how you use it and how well you keep up with maintenance. 

Sometimes we can offer tips for care steps that you don’t already know about. Keeping up with maintenance in between our professional visits is one of the best ways to boost energy efficiency and help your air conditioner to last longer overall. 

Of course, we are also happy to answer any specific question you have about what settings you should use on your thermostat or how your air conditioner works so that you can optimize how you are using it. We would love it if you give us a call anytime between your annual professional maintenance appointments so that we can help you with anything that comes up, big or small.

Contact Mr. Air Repair today to schedule an appointment with our professionals.

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